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 Load's managment

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PostSubject: Load's managment   Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:22 pm

Dedicated loads monthly these will switch each month

Note all loads are return trips go to destination and come back unless dispatched to maintenance or specialty load.

Load1:Boston to Dallas: $3376.38(Partime)5/1/09-5/31/09
Load2:Vancouver to montreal: $5726.70
Load3:Chicago to las vegas$ 3321.20

Load1:winnipeg to bismark: $784.70
load2:winnipeg to boston: $3509.30(retro) 5/1/09-5/31/09
load3:winnipeg to vegas: $3399.10

load1:winnipeg to vancouver $2709.40(Powermedic)5/1/09-5/31/09
load2:winnipeg to san antonio: $2960.20
load3:winnipeg to san fransisco: $3786.90
Load4:Winnipeg to mazatlan:)$3000.00

load1:thunder bay to bismark: $1248.30
Load2:thunder bay to houston: $2986.80(mack595)5/1/09-5/31/09
load3:thunderbay to montreal $1867.70

Topcar loads

Load1:topcar winnipeg to nashville and back$2517.50(billybob_69) 5/1/09-5/31/09
load2:topcar winnipeg to topcar seattle and back

United Mining Company load's

Load 1: Coal Minneapolis to Albuqurque empty back to minn:$2,344.60

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Load's managment
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